Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Three more Provisions

In this post, I shared the amazing story of all that God did for us during Matt's untimely departure from his employment.

There was one thing I forgot to put on the list of God's Provisions {but I am off to go add it now, so you might just find it updated}.

1. "The Perfect Resume."

I could rattle off a commercial for this awesome book. Basically, if you follow it's advice, and then follow-through with intense networking and cold-calling... you can strongly increase your chances of getting improved employment. My opinion.

But, the cool thing about this silly ol' book is not its results.
The cool thing about this book is that God sent it to us.

hokey? maybe.
but, while at the library, 3 days after the rock was pulled out from under us, I was feverishly pouring through books on homeschooling.

smack dab in the middle of the homeschool books was this:

So. I checked out a copy.
And it helped my hubby. A LOT.

and ya gotta wonder?   What was this book doing smack dab in the middle of the homeschool section??
Maybe it is because He is Perfect. His Timing is Perfect. And His Provision is Perfect.

2.  And remember my list of things that I won during this time? Well, I won one more thing! And it was another Provision... because Matt and I had decided a long time ago that we would not partake in one of our favorite traditions of Christmas: Card exchanging. Which was an extra bummer, since we WON these AMAZING photos from Amy.
Well.... I won a service for free Christmas card e-delivery, from Mistle Mail, through a giveaway on my amazing friend Genevieve's awesome, awe-filled, beautiful blog.

3.  And, a few days ago, I had a friend give me a gift that was actually written down on a wish list of mine for this Christmas. She had no idea. Glory!!!

I am shaking my head at our Amazing Lord! Why is He just revealing His Provision to me all over the place???
Oh, How I love Him. Oh, how He cares about the details.


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4 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Linda said...

Darlene these are awesome examples of God's provisions! I am always excited to hear how God provides! Thank you so much for sharing. (:>)

It is indeed amazing how God chooses to show us how very much He cares for us!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

That is how God does it - you have no way of imagining it and He simply makes it happen!

He loves you so! He is blessing you for your obedience to be good stewards with what you have!

Love you and hugs!

Flamingo said...

i love, love it. God's SIMPLE provisions are often more mind boggling than his "big" ones.

catching up on your blogs. you are blogworthy. i've got to get back in the saddle! mine starts soon! yikes!

Mindy said...

God is SO good! Thanks for providing further evidence! :)