Monday, August 24, 2009

Agniya's Room: after

Our historic home is filled with HUGE to-do lists. So, it feels wonderful to clean up an old, deteriorating space, and bring it to LIFE!

I posted a few weeks ago on the details of our Upstairs Guest Room project. In that post, you can see more Before Pics.

The two following pics are of the room just after we moved in (i.e. we have not done a thing). The wide beam pine floors were in sorry shape. And all of the wood around the windows, including the benches beneath the windows, were thoroughly rotted:

The walls needed to be painted. The windows needed to be replaced. There were no baseboards around the room. And, hidden behind the lovely 1970's plastic paneling, we have a large hole in the wall:

And, may I present our simple, but very clean and crisp and fully repaired "After":

Note the table from this post, and the comfy orange chair stolen from my art room:
More to come on this headboard:
And these curtains:
A "good used furniture" find (check out those rockin' baseboards!):
Remember the rotten bench seats? Kudos to my honey:
Floors refinished. check.
Paint. check.
Baseboards made and installed. check.
A/C installed. check.
New windows and interior storms installed. check.
Closets cleaned out and repaired. check.
Bench seats repaired. check.
Furniture purchased, painted, and assembled. check.
Curtains made and window coverings hung. check.
Room ready for our new exchange daughter. check.

Whenever I feel like we are not getting anything done around here.... I need to remember to reread this post. ha.

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Mindy said...

Whoa. You guys have done so much work! It looks great. I know your new "daughter" will love this space, and make herself at home. Way to go!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What an amazing transformation...great job!!

I know your 'daughter' will LOVE her space. :-)

Deborah Ann said...

Love to see home improvement pics! If I wasn't too lazy to pick up a camera, I'd post some of our own pics. It's just that I'm so tired and worn out from all the tearing down and building back up. Good thing God doesn't get tired of building us back up, heh?

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Sometimes a good belly laugh is all that is needed...

Wife to the Rockstar said...

WOW. Looks incredible. I love how simple, yet beautiful it turned out.