Thursday, March 5, 2009

HI/LO Thursday, our week at a glance

I have loved this meme idea that is hosted over at The Rigg's family site: Where Laughter Lives. The idea is to list your Highs and Lows for your last week. What a great, and honest, way to record "a day in the life!"

Living the Thing.....the week of Feb 26-March 5


  • Our Women's Bible Study started up again. Oh, how I love to fellowship with my sisters in Christ. These friends are so very precious to me. Their kindness, prayers, and Christian support is a treasure. Not to mention the adult contact!
  • I finally got to hang out with a new friend after several botched attempts.
  • Matt brought me roses. just because. love you babe.
  • Our trip to the ER revealed that Caleb's insides are looking great! Thanks be to God!
  • Christian turned 16 months on Friday the 27th. so stinkin cute, I tell ya.
  • Christian is starting to talk. Featured words are: Guck = truck, Ahdah = all done, and Bussss = bus. I can't wait to hear what that cute guy has in his head!!!
  • Caleb has been feeling, and eating, really well again! Hopefully gaining some of what he has lost with all this sickness. His current fave is grilled cheese.
  • I organized Christian's clothes finally!
  • Playing in the snow!


  • Our day in the ER. To be honest, it felt like we were in jail. Then, the exhaustion that ensued afterward.
  • For those of us left behind, a low: The beloved headmaster of Caleb's Christian school passed away on Monday after battling pancreatic cancer. But it is also a High for him, as he is painfree and in glory, having a great ol' time.
  • I have been really, really tired lately. and the answer to that question in your head is 'no.'
  • We decided not to build my 'dream' fence. again.

Some photographic highlights from our week:

We had a photo session yesterday. Can't wait to show you:

Before we braved the snow:

Caleb trying to nap in the ER:

Smelling the flowers from Daddy:

Lounge lizard Christian:

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5 friends had a thing or two to say...:

MaryAnne said...

The photo of your two boys is so cute!

Christine said... are living an everyday anniversary like I am!!! Your husband with out saying a word, is teaching his sons how to treat a wife..I love it! I am so glad your little guy is feeling and doing better. I hope you have a wonderful week/week end. I'll miss ya while I am gone...will miss reading and keeping up with everyone. Just found a great book to read, I am so excited to dive into it...A woman after Gods own heart by Elizabeth George. Hugs and Blessings on ya! =O)

Angela said...

What a beautiful post. I was thinking this morning as I was surrounded by 7 wee ones that I should write about my day, what my life is like usually during the week caring for little ones. that is so cool about this meme....thanks for sharing.

He And Me + 3 said...

Great pictures...How neat that you got to finally spend time with your new friend. I love when schedules mesh & I can spend some much needed adult time with a girlfriend. I need that every once in a while:)

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Hugs sweet friend!

I love your photos of the boys and yes Christian is so stinkin' cute! I love hearing their first words - Naomi is going to be 17 months old this month and she too is starting to talk. Her voice is precious!

Praising God that Caleb is healed and well!

Love and hugs,