Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a busy April

I have been so busy this month, with a lot of things going on, but I wanted to hop in and say HI and share a few pics of what we have been up to lately!

I have been posting regularly over at Fieldstone Hill Design, and have been building up a clientele! This is so very exciting for me. Isn't it a delight to 'earn a living' {well, that is debatable :) } doing something you REALLY love?? How cool is that?? Every design board and consultation has been a sheer joy for me. Here is the design board I did for our boys' room, which is a big work-in-progress right now! You can see our latest progress on the room in this post.

We started a garden! I have been wanting to do this for 4 years, but I always missed the planting window.
I am so excited about this because I am starting to go all crazy-nutso with my food. Unfortunately, my health has not been good lately {pray for me?}.... and I am jumping on the organic, whole food bandwagon. Even more extreme: I am now gluten and dairy free. Not by choice. Well, sort of by choice. I am trying to get to the bottom of health problems I have had since 2003, especially as related to debilitating and painful reflux that makes its way all the way up my esophagus, yuk. I would love to know if any of you have had any luck with extreme diet changes and reflux. Anywhoo, back to lovelier things... here is our lovely garden, before and after planting!

Pictures will be sure to come once things start coming up! I hope I can keep up with the weeding ??!!

Homeschooling is going well. Caleb is participating in Memory Masters at Classical Conversations, which has kept us very busy! Next week is his final "quiz" to see if he can accomplish memory masters status. I am SOOO thankful for CC. I never would have introduced Caleb to so much memory work, and I am flabbergasted at what a 5 year old can do! Pics below show just half of all the cards Caleb has had to memorize, in timeline order. And the next pic is floating "icebergs" in the sink during our My Father's World, Penguin unit!

Last week, we visited Pittsburgh, PA with Daddy, as he had a business trip. I want to post some pics from our trip, but one of our highlights was having school in the window well on the 26th floor of the Westin, Pittsburgh. It was SO cool. We said our pledge of allegiance looking out the window, all the way down to the flagpole that sat in front of the Westin. I will never forget it!

We have been up to lots more this month, but that gives you a tiny peek into my insanity!

Missing my Worth Walking Toward buddies, but delighting in my new blogging  love! Hope to see you there too!

2 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Kimberly said...

the picture of them in the window... that would FREAK ME OUT!

congrats on the new clientele and the garden!

sounds like homeschool is going GREAT! KUDOS!

Laura said...

It is so good to catch up with you, Darlene. My, your young men sure are growing! Such handsome little guys. Beautiful photos, beautiful days. A happy, holy Easter to you, friend.