Sunday, March 13, 2011


I decided to repost this from last year's Ash Wednesday since it captures how I feel about this season in the church calendar.

Wednesday of this past week marked the first day of Lent. Some Christians observe this traditional day on the church calendar by entering into a season of fasting and reflection as they prepare their hearts for the Passion season of Christ. On Wednesday, we headed off to church for the 'imposition of ashes' and the reminder that "we are from dust, and to dust we shall return." Here is a picture of some tired folks from that night:
My fasting list for this year includes {I post this in my weakness, knowing that I am not able to do anything worthy without Christ}:
No internet until after homeschool is finished.
No bread. No cookies. No cake. No doughnuts. No crackers.

************************** from last year:
For Lent
Lent begins today.
40 days until Easter.

This is a time when we reflect. we dwell on thoughts of what He did for us. and we remember the Ultimate Saving Sacrifice, with a small token of our own sacrifice.

I love the season of Lent because I love me some good Drama....

Easter unfolds fresh and glorious and bright,
after a season of remembering the days of Gethsemane, sacrifice, beatings, and silent suffering that He endured.
for you.
for me.
so we can have Hope.

For Lent, I am giving up some little things... some normal things,
and refocusing on things that are good for me. that are alive.
So that I can dwell on Him more.

So that I can think on Him whenever I have to stop and resist, or make a good choice.

2010: No cake. No muffins. and No cookies.
No internet after 6pm (this one is hard! would you please forgive me for a decrease in commenting????? maybe you should join in?).
And an attempt to work-out, even just 10 minutes, every single day.

that is my list of not-very-spiritual-seeming-sacrifices.

But during these 40 days, I turn my eyes to the dark history of Jesus's suffering. And I remember with the help of the little things.

and as for Drama?
Cake tastes really really good on Easter morning.

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Jill Samter Photography said...


praying for you and with you!

Hugs and much love,

amber said...

beautiful blog you have~ and love your decorating blog also. so much inspiration there. such a great header... and powerful truth - He is the only thing worth walking towards! amen.