Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Classical Conversations

Today is our first day back to "CC." We are just coming off of a long winter break, and we are excited to go back and see our friends. And get back into the swing of things.

If you have never heard of Classical Conversations, I urge you to check it out. It is a classical 'method' of teaching that is used to enhance your homeschooling classroom, and it also serves as a community support for your homeschooling as well.

Once a week, we meet. Caleb is in a class with 8 other children his age, and he has a tutor. His tutor guides both the moms {or dads} and the children through the material for the week. In addition, she leads the children in a science project, an art project or music project, and a snack time. We also have the opportunity, because of CC, to have lunch as a community, followed by recess. I actually get to hang out with other homeschooling mommies {very cool ones, I might add}, once a week for lunch, while our kids play.

Classical Conversations has been an amazing experience for our family. I love how it adds structure and community to our homeschool year.

One of the greatest blessings is the community of families. To be surrounded by other moms and dads, who share the same schooling journey, is supportive and encouraging in many ways. Our son loves his class and his tutor. And I love that he has an instant community of friends... I even love that he gets a classic recess. The community experience really creates the 'best of both worlds,' for home schoolers.

Regarding the education: I can say without hesitation that the level of excellence surpasses some of the education I received in College and Grad school. And my five year old is soaking it in!
I have been amazed at how the Grammar phase of classical education really triggers his interest and confidence in learning. For example, he memorized a history sentence about Shakespeare. At five, I had never exposed him to Shakespeare directly before. And, at the time of memorizing, we did not review any understanding. I never explained to him who Shakespeare was. At least, not right then. All he knew was: "During the Renaissance period, from 1350 -1600s.....Shakespeare was a famous playwright...."

Then, recently, the subject of Shakespeare came up among adults in our home, and it caught Caleb's ear, and because he knew the Grammar, he had immediate interest in learning more. Classical learning really does take advantage of the natural ways God created us to learn.

And I must mention, our 3 year old, Christian, knows nearly as much just through hearing the CD's. CC makes it easy to teach all of these things to your children.

We are grateful to God for Classical Conversations. I just love their motto: "To know God and make him known."

Never in my wildest imagination did I think that my 5 year old would be able to do this:

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Harter said...

They have classical conversations in our area, but I had never heard of it when I got the e-mail about it, and had already purchased a curriculum. I'm going to look more into it for next year :)

Jill - FNA Photography said...

I wish I could have found a way to make it work - there were so many positives and our kids truly miss it. You saw the videos on my blog they blew me away with memorization. The sad part is it has only been one year since we stopped and they have forgotten everything pretty much that they learned. You really need to keep doing it or it is lost.

Ours was also a first year program and I'm too stuctured for how loose it was. I will look into it again in a year or so when our youngest can attend too. With this many children it was so overwhelming for me.

So glad you are loving it!!!!
xoxox Jill

Knocker Boys said...

I LOVE our CC program! I think it made my first year of homeschooling easy. Well, maybe not easy, but I'm certainly glad that I did it. The accountability, fellowship/friendships, and curriculum have been a blessing.

Genevieve Thul said...

Wow! That is really cool! Reminds me of this little guy, who blew me away:

Haven and Home said...

Such a great motto!