Monday, January 17, 2011

I need to do it

Do you forget?
Do you ever forget all that you have, and slip away into the sin of pining for more?
Do you struggle with it daily? like me.

It is time for me to finally join in on this journey.
high time.

Lord. Father of Heaven and Earth. The One who cares for tiny me. The One who watches me trip over my own feet time and time again. The One who waits, arms open, with a smile on His face and a glimmer in His eyes... for me to notice that He stands there - arms open.
To the Only Thing Worth Walking Toward,

I am grateful to You today for

{#1} children that laugh and jump on the couch, cushions everywhere, giggles every where. even bonking heads and roaring laughter. my two precious boys. let me NEVER miss the moments of them.

{#2} my amazing. amazing. amazing man. patient. loves me with grace that abounds. Sees the best in me. Praises me as a mom. Gives me his confidence. Is wiser than he would ever acknowledge or know. And somehow, thinks I am a size 2. Because when he looks at me, he sees HIS girl.

{#3} a bite of chocolate during quiet time.

{#4} "clean-up time" to Rastafarian rap music. The precious 3 year old who tries really hard to shake his hips. And a 5 year old who knows how to shake it and clean it at the same time.

{#5} the joy of watching my children learn. the victory of M&M's after having successfully listed 96 events in the History of the world; Caleb, you amaze me. The beaming faces of achieving a challenge. Precious 3 year old Christian, who beamed from ear to ear because, "honey. You are SUCH a good brother. Thank you for listening to Caleb, encouraging him, and allowing him to concentrate." but best of all.. the cheering when the M&M's hit the scene.

{#6} having enough money to pay our heating bill. This month it was no struggle. But it was once. And for someone else today, it is.

{#7} for lemon tea. hot. fresh lemons and local honey.

{#8} for Ann Voskamp. She reminds me that I forgot to look in the direction I always want to look.

{#9} the smell of my boys' heads. sweet hair.

{#10} for girlfriends who still love me, despite the fact that 3 guys come first. they take a breath and the time to understand. It is called grace. I love them for it.

It is high time
I follow His advice, and through thanksgiving, savor the moments.....

6 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Stacy said...

One, your boys are just precious! I know I've said it before, but there it is again. :) So much to be thankful for. Love your list of thanks! May that be our heart's posture each and everyday....never forgetting who it is who bestows each gift to us..Our loving heavenly Father!

Breast cancer has done many things, but a big one is helping me to see that which is most important and to thank God for all that He has given.

Much love in Him,

my name is kimberley said...

yay for the first 10!! found you through ann's...enjoyed reading your words - look forward to coming back!:)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Amen! Praying that we all become more grateful and thankful each day!

I just ordered her book as a gift for many of my girlfriends! Looking forward to reading it with our older daughters as well!

Lots of love Darlene!

Kimberly said...

awesome. Makes me Smile!!

(and I have forgotten to post mine the past could weeks! ARG!)


Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Beautiful post....I am always blessed by your heart whenever I stop here. Thanks for that. I'm thinking I need to get the book and considering joining in with Angie Smith's Bloom book club. We'll see. I have a lot of irons in the fire already!

Chantel said...

Thank you for this. Even for us who may have struggled to pay that heat bill, God provides, just like he provides the joy of thanking Him for all of our littlest, but greatest gifts.

Keep it up! :)