Monday, January 24, 2011

A glorious morning.

My morning was filled with praises and thanks.

I did what I knew I needed to do. And doesn't that make all the difference? Why are we so stubbornly set against those very things that make our day better?

It reminds me of when I say to my sons,
"Yes honey. You DO need to go pee on the potty. I can tell that you do. You are crossing your legs and dancing. Now, honey. Don't you think it would be so much more fun to play with that toy if you didn't have to worry about crossing your legs, or thinking about going potty?"

and the Lord whispers to me:
"Yes honey. You DO need to sit still, in front of a pretty window, and read my word. Yes, You DO need to exercise and praise me this morning. Don't you think that the rest of your day will go so much better if you tap into my love and start it with victory?"

Yes. Father. I DO know. But, why do I do the things I know I should not do?
Why do I not do the things I know I must?

This morning. I started the way He wants me to. The way I know I should.
So gratitude came easy.
Here is the continuation of my list.
my gifts.
Today, I am thankful:

{#11} for bare branches, perched above cold iced snow. bathed in rising sunlight

{#12} for a room with a view of His creation.

{#13} that I don't find my inner self while doing yoga this morning. Instead, I talk to Him, and hear a lot of noisy beeping tractor-toy sounds. The sound that my house is full of love.

{#14} that school went well this morning. filled with lots and lots of snuggling, and just a tiny little bit of  mommy-nagging.

{#15} for Him. That we have a Worthy One. That I got to meet Him in Revelation this morning. A worthy and slain Lamb.

{#16} that we have a fun field trip planned this afternoon, and that I will not be the one dissecting a mammal heart. Very thankful for that one.

{#17} for a hubby who puts the football game on in the background and proceeds to do 3 loads of laundry and fold them and wash the dishes while I sit on the couch and work away at my dream. Oblivious to how awesome he is, until I see the boys' coats drying on the bannister. I noticed them while I was upside down in downward facing dog.
Matt, you are amazing.

{#18} for the little alfalfa sprout on Christian's head this morning. golly. he is cute.

{#19} that Caleb climbed into bed with me this morning and cupped my face in his hand, and kissed me on my cheek with a big proud smile on his face. Then, he pulled up the covers and snuggled in next to me.

{#20} today, I am thankful again for our heat. negative temperatures this morning.

{#21} that I am still in PJ's, and the boys are too. Yet we learned and did so much already today. Praise to Him who makes us able. and who created us to love snuggly warm comforts.

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Harter said...

Beautiful post! Thank you for reminding me what we NEED to do.

jeana said...

Wow, I just love this post! I just got done having the potty dance conversation with my son. Thank you for showing me, that it applies to me as well.

Liney said...


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Such a great way to start the day. I love your list! You have a wonderful blog... so happy to have found you through the 1000 gifts community. I just started my list today! :)

Jenny said...

Beautiful post Darlene! I just love your heart!!