Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite Christmas pictures and a mini blog-cation

Hey blog friends!
We have family in town, so I will be on a mini blog-cation. Hope to see you back here next week. I will still be posting at my new Interiors blog, Fieldstone Hill. See you there? You are awesome! Thanks for supporting my dream, blog friends!!

In the meantime, I leave you with some of our favorite Christmas pics. Enjoy!!!

My absolute favorite!:
 Getting ready for Saint Nicholas:
 Twas the Night Before Christmas:
 The most wonderful story; according to Luke:
Christmas morning. Can you see the "ashen" kisses on their cheeks from St. Nick?:
 Caleb kissing baby Jesus who had just been discovered in the manger Christmas morning:
 hmmmm. Looks like Santa was reading Luke too:
 Happy Birthday, baby Jesus!!!:

May all of you have a SAFE and fun New Year's Eve!
Happy New Year 2011!!!!!!!

5 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Jeremy, Holly, and Haven said...

i've never commented before, but i enjoy your blog. i love the idea of leaving the bible out with the eaten cookies and milk, to show that santa knows the real meaning. what a wonderful tradition that I will definitely incorporate at our house.

Jenny said...

Happy New Year to your sweet family! Enjoy your time with your company!

Deborah said...

Thank you for posting these great pictures. I was so happy to see "Santa" because we let our boys enjoy him too. Unfortunately this year at the church we were visiting the pastor decided Christmas Eve was the perfect time to ridicule Santa then announce that he and reindeer were not real. Your pictures give me hope that one can be a true Christian and still let their kids BELIEVE :)

Stacy said...

Love the pictures! Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing time with your family this past week.

So glad that our lives and paths have crossed. Wishing you a joy-filled new year as God continues to pour out His love and grace upon you and your family.

Much love,

Tessa said...

Such sweet pictures!

I have to ask you what settings you use on your camera - I think we have the same one ... and I am trying desperately to learn how to take great low light photos. I love the ones of Matt reading the boys ... help!! If you could email me some hints, I would greatly appreciate it.

I also love the Bible next to the cookies to signify that Santa knows the real meaning of Christmas. Awesome!