Friday, October 8, 2010

The boob light

I've got this boob light.
Actually, I have 2.
One in here {our bathroom}, and one in our hallway.
They are sorry excuses for illumination.

I'm thinking more this {Schoolhouse Electric}:

or this {Ballard Designs}:

or even this, strung tightly to the ceiling for my hall light {Ballard Designs}:

Anyone else have a boob light?????

11 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Knocker Boys said...

I have a boob light in my bathroom! Actually, I just looked at it, it doesn't have a nipple, so I guess it's not a boob.

Cindy said...

YES!! But we have such low ceilings they kind of work for us. I just try not to look too often LOL

shannon said...

Darlene, I would definitely suggest the ballards chandelier! I have it in my own foyer and I just used it in 2 clients homes recently. (Although the 'star' light is pretty great, too--I used that one in my last house!!)
Love your blog!

LaVonne said...

I love the Ballard Design! That is beautiful.

Boob light? That is so funny. I don't have a boob light luckily. ;)

Tammy said...

I will never be able to look at that light (boob light) again without a visual. :)

love and hugs~Tammy

Mrs. Jones said...

No way! I have boob lights, too! That is so hilarious. It never occurred to me that's what they look like, but they really do. I think I may have to change some more light fixtures around here.


Reinspire said...

You are too funny! Love the Ballard light fixture and the candle chandelier!

Faith said...

Sadly, I do have a boob light. I will now be replacing the said light. Never thought of it that way. I am now mentally looking at every light in my house to make sure there are no other body parts lights. Lol!

Alissa said...

We also have 2 boob lights. I wonder why they seem to be everywhere?

Tracey said...

We have boob lights too! And the saddest thing is that we installed them to replace some other tacky lights.
Who would choose a boob light? Well, we did.

Anna See said...

oh yes we do! they replaced even uglier 1960's UFO lights! i like all of your suggestions!