Friday, August 27, 2010

The OWL Academy

Well, our homeschool starts its first day this coming Monday, August 30th
and, boy, are we excited!!

I can't say that I got everything done that I wanted to get done... but I just had to pick a day and go with it. SO, Monday, we are diving in.

Or, should I say "flying in?"
You see, we are the OWLs!

In this post, I announced the name of our homeschool,
and, now, I finally came up with our official "tagline" or acronym or whatever:

The OWL Academy
opportunity. wisdom. and learning.

and now, I am starting to go Owl Crazy!!
I just found this great blog with all things OWL:  My Owl Barn

And what about this Etsy artist? LeeArthaus Check out her cute stuff!

And I really want to get this digi scrap kit from Studio Bears Garten, to make homeschool creations!:

And. for the ULTIMATE in Owl love:
Click here to see a live video stream of Owl Babies!!! Now, how cute is that??

So, yes.  Now I have gone OWL crazy!! Do you know of any great OWL links????? 

A report {with pics, I'm sure} from our first day at the OWL academy will be on its way Monday!!

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