Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our School's Name


I am excited to announce,
We have decided on an official name for our homeschool:

The O.W.L. Academy
obedience. wisdom. learning.

Now. I can be pretty cheesy over the acronym thing.
As you can see, OWL "stand's for": obedience, wisdom, and learning.....
but I am not set on it yet. What I DO know is that integrity and wisdom from the Lord are the basis of the OWL academy.

I love having wisdom in there! There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom, because true wisdom comes from the Lord. But it is the O and the L that I am not sure about.....

I could do a sentence, like, "Only true Wisdom comes from the Lord"
or a tag line... like, opportunity. wisdom. love., or the one I have listed above.

So, I am looking for your suggestions and brilliant thoughts, friends! what do you think??
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