Monday, August 30, 2010

Our First Day!!!!

The OWL academy had its official first day of school!!!
I cannot believe it.  Today, I homeschooled my family. It is a day I will remember forever!

I will post details of what we are doing in our homeschool, but today, let's just say I am a little worn out! And elated. This day was definitely what I had hoped it would be. Not easy. But worth every single bit of effort.

After our morning, I took the boys outside to play. While I held their hands to walk around our property, I thanked them, "Boys. Thank you so much for the privilege of getting to teach you." After a moment, Caleb said, in the most sincere 5-yr old voice, "Thank you, mommy, for the privilege of letting me listen to you about new things." I soaked it in and said, "Don't you just love being a family?" Both boys quietly said, "Yes." without skipping a beat.
True story.

Without further ado, here are just a few pictures from our very first day:
[Oh, and pay no mind to our school room. At least not to the unpainted parts. The school nook is not finished, and our parlor (the room pictured in this post) is decidedly unpainted. {it's on the list. along with others.}]

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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