Thursday, October 29, 2009

Whooooooo's Twoooo? An Owl Themed Birthday Party

Guess Hooooooo's Turning Two?? This year Christian's Second Birthday Party had an Owl Theme. It was so much fun, and very easy. Don't ask me why, but my 2 year old loves owls. Whoooo knew?

Here are the super easy, super cute owl cupcakes {pretty self-explanatory decorations}:
And the ultra easy goody bags {Christian's bag may or may not be wrinkled due to me beating it into submission so that it would stand up}:
The BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my cuteness gracious: The main event at the party was the perfect fall whether, yet another Little Big Gift from God. All of the little ones and big ones headed outside to enjoy this fleeting, beautiful time of year: A great shot of Aunt Tammy and Christian looking at the early harvest moon: Mommy, ahem -with some yummy wine, and our exchange daughter Agniya, enjoying the sounds of happy children:

What is a fall day without football????:
Um. How cute is this????? Go, Peyton. It's your birthday.:
After lots of fall fun, it is time to fill the children with sugar. Out come the Owls and the Happy Birthday Song, of course:
Happy Owl Eater:
Some after dinner music, thanks to our lovely guests:
And the opening of a few presents:
Here, I must give a shout-out to Caleb for being REALLY good to his brother at his B-day party, and by being very cool about the "lotsa gifts for him but not me" thing. You are awesome, buddy!:And yes, we managed to gather the gang up on the sofa and get most of the sweeties to smile and look at the camera {you don't want to know what all the dads had to do to make this happen}:
A great picture of Caleb and Christian with their "sister":
Sigh. Mommy and her precious birthday baby. I can hardly believe that my little guy is TWO!
So, Whooo's Two? My baby. Who was just born yesterday, wasn't he??

3 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Mindy said...

What a fun party! Cute theme and decorations. You're so creative! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. :)

Flamingo Mama said...

sooo cute! someday i will aspire to do a theme for my kids for no reason at all. i'm always so lazy for birthdays. trying to figure out what to buy them drains my energy as it is:)

Wife to the Rockstar said...

Looks like a great day.

I love the theme and the cupcakes.

You look amazing (as usual :) )