Monday, September 28, 2009

One month left of One

Yesterday, Christian turned 23 months old.

Pardon my nostalgia, but REALLY??? Only one month left with my baby being One? Only one month left of BABY? Only one month left in the baby section at babyGap (clearly the determiner of child classifications)?

Pardon me as I feast in the current cuteness of Christian.
I treasure this precious guy.
Some things I love about Christian:
He calls me "My-mee."
He looks and acts so much like his Daddy/his "Dat" (that cute little jaw-jutting smile).
Bon-dee-dee = 1,2,3.
He LOVES to snuggle up in blankies.
He has no fear and can scale any rock wall. ANY. (I just NEVER would have let my firstborn do that :)
He loves to sit in his crib and read.
He loves to run to you and tackle hug you.
He has a stubborn streak and is already passive aggressive: "I don't hear anything you are saying, mommy. I am just going to pretend I don't hear you, and keep on doing what I am doing."
He has a super sweet tooth.
He admires his big brother, of course.
He likes to take his pajama pants off after we tuck him in.
He smells like baby sweetness.
He is SO CUTE! sorry, but he is.

You will always be my baby.

3 friends had a thing or two to say...:

He & Me + 3 said...

What a precious post. He is cuteness and no need to apologize when you are telling the truth. Adorable.

Flamingo Mama said...

i can't believe he is that old!
trust me...i teeter on the verge of depression realizing how fast time is flying.

Mindy said...

He really is "so cute!" You can bask in his cuteness all you want. I promise, we won't mind. I know you're sad to see baby era go by, but toddler era will surely bring so much fun!