Tuesday, September 22, 2009

getting to know our beautiful daughter

A gift from God.

That is what I always call my children.

And now, I have another precious gift.

Who could not love this smile?:
You see, we have a new "daughter." Our precious Agniya who is living with us on exchange from Russia.
We were hoping and praying for the best situation when we trusted God and invited a stranger into our home for an entire year:
After all, we have our own children. And what if she didn't like children? What if it wasn't good for our children?
What if we simply did not get along???
As you can see, our fears did not pan out.

Instead, we took a leap of faith.

and trusted in God, as He asked us to step forward and host a student.
Instead of a "student," God sent us a blessing.
And, without reservation, I can say that we are now family for life.
Famiy for "All Time!"

We love you, Agniya. You are a gift from God.

4 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Jessica said...

How wonderful!!!! I'm sure the boys love having a "big sis"!

Laura said...

What a blessing! YOu guys are so faithful to trust in the Lord. Looks like He had some sweet plans for you. She's a beautiful girl, looks like, inside and out!

Becca said...

So cool! thanks for sharing :-)

Jackie said...

What a beautiful blessing she is to you, and I am sure you are to her. God is so good to give us amazing gifts. Thanks for sharing yours. Hugs, Jax