Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where on earth has May gone??

Enjoying Everyday Togetherness.Co-directing the High School Musical:
Going to graduation ceremonies. Cum Laude. I am so proud of you, little Sis!!Going to the library. a lot.

Trekking on Pre-School field trips:
Enjoying Caleb's Pre-school End of the Year picnic and program:
BBQ'ing with friends:

Taking firehouse tours.
Playing in the mud and the creek.
Going on fun playdates.
My Bday and Mother's Day, too!
Oh, and I have been enjoying reading some fun novels. true.

I have really been Living the Thing... and, wow: May is nearly gone. Poof.

8 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Jenny said...

Looks like you have had a busy month! I hope you get to enjoy some lazy summer days soon!

Meme said...

There are never enough of those everyday family moments, right? Would love to know what you are reading - we are at the library each week and my obssesion right now is historical/biographical, but if you are reading any great novels please share!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Looks like May has been good to you!

Congrats to your sister. What a wonderful achievment!

Love you,

LaVonne said...

I was just thinking, "where has 2009 gone?" my goodness, time is flying by. Thanks for sharing the great pics. You had a great and busy month.

Laura said...

You have been busy, girl! Your family is so precious. And you sister is just as gorgeous as you.

Time flies when your doing the thing!

Brandie said...

I agree! It has been a whirl-wind month. I don't know where the time has gone. It's wonderful to have packed it with so many wonderful things though:)

Liz said...

Looks like your family had a wonderful May! And you're right... this month has really flown.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures...brought back many memories of when my children were that age...now they are 15 and 21 years old!! The months not only fly but alas, so do the years!