Monday, December 1, 2008

Update to Thanksgiving Post

Well, here is the scoop:

1. Matt DID have Strep.

2. NONE of us got it!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the GOOD Lord!!!! It's a Thanksgiving Miracle!!!

3. Here are some great Holiday Fiasco comments. You got me giggling, girls! (I would love to add more, so be sure to add your story to my post below) :

Flamingo Mama's Fiasco:
"the 1st year we ever did the dinner, we didn't KNOW you had to have a roasting pan for the turkey. after an hour or 2 that turkey started looking pretty scary on just a jelly roll pan. so i had to run and buy a roaster and we had to swich the turkey into. that was almost a HORRIBLE disaster:0"

Christine's Fiasco:
"One of my many fiascos was at Christmas time one year when my kids were very young...I was so busy with getting everything ready for Christmas that I completely over looked Christmas dinner! No stores were even open and so we made Hot dog soup! I will never forget that as long as I have my memory!"

By the way.
If you told me that you thought Caleb was precious singing his Thanksgiving song... you clearly have been gifted with genious, clarity, and sheer brilliant perspective.

5 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Meme said...

So sorry to hear he has strep, but glad you and the boys didn't get it. We all need a good chuckle, thanks so much for the post!

Meme said...

Hope you know the chuckle comment above was for the Christmas fiasco's, not your husbands' strep. :]

Tessa said...

I hope Matt is feeling better ... and so happy that you are all feeling great! And I just have to say in response to Christine's fiasco ... "hot dog soup"? Sounds tasty!

Flamingo Mama said...

uugh. The Rockstar Nurse had strep a year or 2 ago and was sooo sick.

so glad you didn't catch it. The ringleader had it when Lil'Rocker was a baby and the doctor told me that they can not "get it" unless they are older than 2!

Christine said...

Glad you and the kids didn't catch it...sorry your husband got it though. I hope he is feeling better soon.