Thursday, November 13, 2008

Historic Paint Color Snobbery

After posting my 100th post, my friend Tessa encouraged me to post more about my old home. We just LOVE this home (love-hate, actually.) We always say that we have "2 kids and a house" - and we change the house's diapers more. It is sooooo much work, and we go in spurts, but we recently finished A HUGE renovation (while pregnant, with a 2 yr old, and a very, very VERY cranky me).

This post is about our shutter and door colors.

I know that lots of people like lots of different types of colors and decorating. But I just gotta share my historic architectural snobbery (hehe):

{Should you disagree with my humble and fabulous opinion, know two things: 1. You are still my friend, and still very cool, and 2. Wallpaper border is never ok. Under any circumstances.}

Below is a "before" picture, which I love, because of the Christmas decorations, and the snow. However, I have never liked that shutter color.

It is not an historical red.
It is not even a current red.
Actually, it is more of an 80's influenced maroon (think: forest green and maroon craze... which still reigns, unfortunately, in some homes across America). Ugh. The sound of the word maroon causes me to shudder (no pun intended. promise.).

They don't look that horrid in this picture, but, trust me... it is not a nice red! Or a nice maroon, whatever. Can you kinda see the purply-ness of the maroon-ness?? So, I knew it would have to go...
Here is another "before" picture. We took this one on a drive-by, while we were looking to buy this dream home (think money pit...).
{A cool thing for those who love historic architecture: we have the upper shutters in our barn, and they are all there! We will ... eventually... hang them back up. They are louvered shutters (the kind with slats). In this area of the country, the homes (ours is pre-Civil War era) had solid shutters on the first floor, for safety, and louvered shutters on the second floor for ventilation.}

The red faux-log addition that you could see on the right side of our home has since been demolished. It was poorly constructed, roof was caving in, ceiling tiles would land on our laps if the wind blew too hard, and it had no heating or cooling. Oh, and it was enhanced by lots of dog pee, thanks to the previous owner.

So, are you ready for the reveal?? Our new shutter and door colors, and the removal of the "unfortunate" log addition:


So, how does it look with mums??:

Ahhh. Williamsburg Tavern Grey Green...........Nice.

19 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Christy said...

Thanks for your comment today on my blog.

Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Laura said...

What a lovely house! The changes you made look absolutely gorgeous to this amateur. Two things I love: HOw we met stories and Before and after house stories.

Love ya, Darlene!

Anonymous said...


The shutters look great!! We live in an old stone farmhouse too--although the stone is covered with stucco. So I TOTALLY understand the "money-pit" thing!!! I really thought by now we would have it in better shape and looking nicer but time and finances have held us back. Oh well, it is a comfortable old house and I keep telling myself....this "home" is permanent home won't need no fixing up!!! :)

May I ask what part of Northeastern USA you live in?? I am in PA -midway between Philadelphia and Allentown. Your home looks like many in my area.

Have a great day!

Tessa said...

Wow ... I love that you showed us the exterior! I had to laugh at your description of the paint color ... and I actually got up and checked out the color of my front door because I am not sure what you would call it, but it is a shade of "historic" red. I love your new paint color ... and I absolutely love the SHUTTER thing. That is the coolest! I also understand the "money pit" phenomenon ... Cory and I actually considered selling our house at one point because of not only the renovation costs - but the ineffiency of heating and cooling it. However, I am SOOOO glad that we didn't. I don't think you can put a price tag on the uniqueness of old homes. We need to make a date to get together soon!

Flamingo Mama said...

didn't realize that i didn't like the old color...i do like it much better now.

hey...where are the pictures of us pulling out the the crazy barrels, tires and weeds from the front? c'mon..that helped make it beautiful!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a BEAUTIFUL home!!!! I LOVE it.

Thanks so much...for your kind words on my blog today.

Have a BLESSED weekend.

Yolanda said...

WOW..your home is beeeeautiful!!!!

How about a glimpse of the inside?

Christine said...

How pretty! I like how you stacked the rock/brick in the front there. I love the color you picked for the home...warm and very inviting.

Jackie said...

Your home is beautiful. I love the look of it. Definitely keep posting about it. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Blessings, Jax

Housekeeping question:
When you go to my blog next time check out how big the video box is at the end of my latest post(under Christmas in November). Do you know how I can make it smaller? I copied and pasted the code. Is there something else I can do to make it a better fit? Just wondering...

Lelia Chealey said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Oh my goodness. You should come visit me and redo my house for me. I often close my house walking up to it. :)
I loved the pics you showed of where you spend time with God. So peaceful.

Tammy said...

I love your home and the shutters look perfect.

My husband and I always wanted to buy an old farm house. Its been a dream ofhis even though he not a handy-man.:)

Sarah said...

You have a beautiful house! I love the exterior of it...we have vinyl siding. I so wish it had more character like yours!

HIS Daughter said...

Your home is beautiful, Darlene!
I know my sweet husband always talks of finding an older home and "fixing it up".

I love him more than my own life, yet, "fixin" is not even the word with historic homes!

I've lived within a days drive, sometimes closer to "historic" all my life it seems. Williamsburg was very close as well as other places where YOU cannot do anything to a home or place of business unless you do it according to specifications because of it's historical designation.

You did that home justice! I wonder what your past occupants were like? I love history! I'm reading Sarah Edwards, wife of the preacher, Johnathan Edwards now and just imagine godly families living through adversity in homes like that with their faith rooted and grounded in HIM.

Sorry so long. I wake up and morning is my best time of the day...chatty Teri.

Blessings Beautiful Lady,

Jennifer Dukes Lee said...

Pretty! You have lovely taste. ... Thanks for stopping by Getting Down With Jesus. God bless you, dear one. May you see Him in all corners of your beautiful home.

Jenny said...

I bet it will look gorgeous when you decorate for Christmas! What a beautiful place to come home too!

Anonymous said...

Love the new color.

I have to agree, wallpaper borders are a big no-no.

I LOVE your house. It is so beautiful. There is nothing like an old home!

Jessica said...

What a dramatic change!!! Looks amazing! This is my first time visiting...I found you thru The Blessed Nest and you are going to be my newest addition to my Blog Stalk list!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

VERY nice. You chose well in the color. The grey is much softer than the burgundyish color. Very nice, Darlene.

So when do we get an inside tour with pics?

The Nester said...

I beg you--please let me move in. Or live in my car across the steet so I can gaze at this historic beauty!

It's breathtaking!