Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yes. It is true.

Yes. It is True.
We went to a tractor show.
Allright. I know I tell everyone that I grew up in the country. But come on people... it was still New Jersey!! I have never actually watched a tractor pull! And yes. I went to school in Indiana. Farm land central. The heartland. I love farms. But what I really love is to LOOK at farms.

Well, now I can officially say that I have attended a tractor pulling contest. true.
My son Caleb is in love with tractors. And on Saturday, we had the fortune (?) of driving past this huge tractor show. Well, we had blocked last Saturday off as a "Family Day," so we had nothing on our calendar (woohooooo!!). We decided, last minute, that we would head in to the show, and enjoy some good ol' country fun. Caleb couldn't have been happier. Christian got to try soft-serve ice cream for the first time (Christian couldn't have been happier). And mom and dad? Well. We smiled, and laughed, and smiled, and beamed... as our kids had a great time!! Here are just a few pictures that capture the essence of our great tractor day:
Caleb is in the green barrel, riding in an actual tractor parade!!

He picked the John Deere barrel. Imagine that.

Waving to every tractor that passed by.
Daddy and the boys get to try out some antique tractors.

I like this shiny, old, red one from Sears.
The sign reads: "Lawn Mower races: 6:00"
The scene at the actual tractor pull. Can you see the orange tractor pulling with all of its might?

Christian whistling.

Cutie patootee, Christian Jacob.

Watching the tractor pull.
Caleb Matthew is in love. Hi tractor. Hi tractor. Hi tractor.

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Holly said...

looks like a blast! I think we will be trying many "new things" being mothers of boys. (actually, I think I like the boy things better)