Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pre Pre-School

I have a myriad of emotions flying around in my finite mind. I can hardly believe it, but Caleb - my firstborn child - will be heading off for his first morning of preschool on Monday.

I feel lots of things: excited for him, nostalgic, curious, prayerful, a bit sad, but mostly anticipating good things! I am surprising myself here because I do not feel worried. God graciously and tangibly, without me asking, spoke out his gentle voice and reminded me that Caleb was in His very strong hands, and that He would be there for Caleb through the precious people God provides at the school. I feel complete peace, and I am so happy for my little boy. I just know he is going to love it.

As I mentioned in previous posts, we decided (not easily) to send Caleb to a preschool program at a local Christian school. God is tugging our hearts toward this school, and we will continue to listen... and then if He continues to call us there... we will continue to look to Him to provide.

This past Thursday, the school had a large back-to-school picnic at a local water park/pool. Our family had a really nice time, on many levels. We discovered some wonderful things about Caleb's school:

First of all, the people (about 750 of them attending! This school is PreK3-grade 12) were very open and warm. Matt and I have struggled a bit, since moving to this area of the country where the 'locals' tend to keep to themselves and their families. Not all, but most. There has been some, shall we say, 'culture shock' compared to South Carolina, where we moved from. I miss the general "smiling strangers". So, it was a pleasure to feel the warmth that came from this large group of people. It was definitely filled with Light.

Secondly, prayer held an active role in this fun picnic. Our Lord was constantly acknowledged whenever someone spoke. I just love that they prayed for the teachers! They even prayed for them to have enough energy!!! I love it.

Thirdly, we got to spend even more time with Caleb's teacher, Mrs. E. This was really important, as I didn't get as much opportunity, as I would have liked, to get to know her at the school visits. By the end of the picnic, Caleb was leaping out of my arms, and into hers! This is a blessing!!

Lastly, we got a little big gift from God. Here is the story:

Caleb was playing in the waterpark. It was a large, paved area with 'blow holes' of water coming up out of the ground, and water guns on poles that shot water, and towers that dumped water from above. Caleb had his eye on a certain 'cannon' that was too high for his reach. I had a watchful eye on him, but decided not to interfere (hard. hard. hard.). I also wanted to see what choices he would make, and how he would handle all of the different situations that came up. Well, he did not give up on this cannon. He continued to climb the steps up to it, and continued to try and reach for the unreachable. About 2 other kids came, used the cannon, and went off. Caleb tried on his tippy-tip-toes again and again. He stood there alone.

Well, an angel of a boy, about 7 or 8, was playing - quite a distance away - and spotted the situation. He stopped playing with his friends for a moment (!!!), ran over to Caleb (!), pulled the lever on the cannon down to a reachable height (!), and stayed and worked with Caleb until Caleb was secure and having fun (!!!!).

As a mommy, I just cannot tell you how this made me feel. I adore that boy. I found out his name is Zane, and I shared the story with a teacher who promised me she would share it with Zane's parents.

Through the godly act of this kind, young boy, God whispered to me: "I am here. I will be watching ever closely over our little boy, Caleb. I know his every heart beat. My children will be with him, too. They will be my hands. They will be my feet. And I will be the Love."

The very One who is Love will be at Caleb's school.
Caleb is ready for pre-school.

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