Sunday, August 24, 2008

Laughing very loudly in the church bathroom

Today, Daddy and the boys had to meet me at church: Sopranos were meeting early for a rehearsal, so we took separate cars. I met the guys right outside the sanctuary, and Daddy had Christian in his carrier, and held Caleb's hand.

Caleb had in his hand a tiny, keychain-mini-flashlight. He had been playing with it all morning.

For those of you who bring your children into the church service with you, you will know that is can be both precious and/or chaotic... depending on the day. Today was one of those chaotic mornings. And as soon as the sermon started, my morning coffee kicked in. So, off to the bathroom for a potty break... and for a break from the chaos, truth be told.

While washing my hands, something caught my eye.

There... lodged in my bra and cleavage, was a mini-flashlight.
Turned on.

Here is the version of the same story that I submitted to Living Proof Ministries, as Beth Moore was looking for funny stories:

I am sooo glad you asked, Beth, because I actually thought of writing you to tell you this story; I just know it has a rediculous-but-perfect-Bethworthy-scriptural-analogy in it somehow!
Here is the story:
At our church, we choose to bring our 2 small children, 3 and 1 year old boys, into the sanctuary with us to worship. It is a very traditional, liturgical service. While our children are used to being in the church with us, and are very good and mostly quiet, they are still wild and squirmy and full-on-toddler boys. This- praise God - is understood and welcomed by our congregation.
A few Sundays ago, I had a rehearsal with the Soprano section of the choir, so my husband brought our 2 boys to church in a separate car to meet me there. When Daddy and the boys came into church, I noticed that Caleb, our 3 year old, proudly brought his mini-keychain-sized-flashlight with him, along with several other toys.
As is customary for our family, we piled into 'our' pew (always one against the wall, of course, so the children cannot escape!) and prepped the gang for worship (ie spread out the baby bibles, crayons, cars, sippy cups, etc.). Usually, my husband and I have at least one wild child climbing all over us throughout our service. Can't you just picture us? Sunday finest, baby giggles, climbing toddler, cars rolling under the pews, teething rings getting tossed at sweet old ladies, goldfish and cheerios everywhere, Amens, and little bowing heads - all rolled into one.
As the sermon began, I just had to slip away to the bathroom. (Sorry, honey! You can handle it, right?) I have to admit, that bathroom was VERY peaceful. Maybe I lingered a few moments. As I was washing my hands, and leaning forward, I took a moment to look in the mirror and assess the situation. I expected to find at least one large chunk of hair out of place... at the very least.
Well. There, in my bra, glowing like a beacon ... was that mini-flashlight. Turned ON!!!!
I had been sitting in church, the entire time, just a-smiling at all of my fellow worshippers, greeting the ushers, and engaging in deep- understanding nods to the Pastor... all the while, with a glowing flashlight beaming out of my cleavage!
(Beth, I just know you have some sort of great analogy by now... and the story does not even end here)
So, as I realized all of this while scrubbing my hands off in the ladies' restroom, I did what only a mother that spends her days confined with 2 small children would do: I went BACK into the church, with the flashlight turned on. On purpose.
You may ask why. Well, in hindsight, I wonder why too...But I just HAD to show my husband! I just HAD to share this laugh with somebody. It was just too silly to laugh at all by myself!
So, I did. I came back into church with the flashlight, turned on, in my bra... To show my husband. And I was very careful not to bend forward, and not to slouch at all.
While we did share a good chuckle, I guess I did not realize how silly my choice was until I thought: hmmmm, how am I going to turn this thing off? And, hmmmmmm, We have to kneel down at the altar for communion soon. Wonder what the Pastors will think of that lady with the light-up bra????
I hope you enjoyed my story! And even if it does not apply to Breaking Free... please, tell me the Scriptural significance of my glowing bra! Because, I am just SURE that God was trying to tell me something! Hehe. :)
P.S. I WAS able to remove the flashlight by using Christian, our one year old, as a deflector and distraction.
-Darlene and the boys

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Melanie said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I am so thankful for your prayers. We need them and so sppreciate them.
How funny about the flashlight. Light your world! :)