Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Potty Drills

Whew! We started potty training!!!

I am using the "intense" "method" of Toilet Training in Less than A Day. It is going pretty well... but definitely not flawless. Yesterday was really hard and INTENSE. If you are not familiar with the method, it is basically stuffing your kid full of sugary drinks, and doing non-stop "drills," and emphasizing "dry pants" over "wet pants," and the kids teach a babydoll how to peepee on the potty first. Caleb really took to it, but he seemed to get a little nervous at times.

I love the method because it really emphasizes independence, and on day two (today) he already went to pee all on his own and did not even tell me until he was done. I was SO proud.

Anyway, the cutest thing about it was: you are also supposed to reward your child with treats. Caleb loves M&M's and I save them for the most needed forms of bribery in our lives (example: If you sit still while I cut your hair, I will give you some M&M's when mommy is all done). So, of course, I promised to give him M&M's if he peepeed in the potty.

Instead: He asked for Daddy's Drill!!!

So, I promised him that if he filled the potty with peepee, I would let him play with Daddy's Drill. And play he did!!!!!!!!!!! If you missed my previous post of Caleb with his Daddy's Drill, you must check it out here! Enjoy the pics too!

2 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Tessa said...

That is a riot! Hey ... whatever works! I love the title too! Go Caleb!

Billie said...

mark and i are still laughing about that. he was like a robot, 'do you want to see the big drill?"