Friday, May 30, 2008

Christian's Haircut/First Lock of Hair

I did it!

I gave my 7 month old baby a haircut.

Yes, it was prompted by the nice lady at the drugstore yesterday who innocently asked Caleb (the big brother) if he liked having a little sister. At least this time, in her defense, I did not have Christian layered in every shade of obvious-boy-blue under the sun. Even so, I decided to give him a full-on cut. (He already had his first trim a month ago).

Below are his Before and After shots:
Before Christian's very first trim (note: long sideburn-type wisps):
After Christian's very first trim; April 2008:

Just a few days ago, before Christian's big haircut:

And TaDa!!!!! Here he is today, after his first full haircut. So handsome!!:

I am saving a long lock of hair from his first trim, and I also have Caleb's.

So I ask all of you cool, creative moms out there:

How did you save your cuties' first locks? I need ideas!

2 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Billie said...

Did I do that? If I did, they are creatively stored in a sandwich bag and put in their memory box.

Tessa said...

What a cutie! I wish I had some creative ideas to share with you ... but I did the same thing as Billie.