Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Home: My comfort zone

OK. Let me introduce all of you to my actual 'comfort zone.' You know. The comfort zone from which I do not want to depart (see my previous post)!

When my hubby and I describe our family, we often tell people that we have 2 kids and a house... AND... we change the diapers on our house as much as we change our kids'.

While it is definitely true that God is pulling me out of my comfort zone, I have to tell you... I LOVE my home. I am a homebody. My favoritest thing is me + God + coffee + my house - on a date. Well, that is one of my favorite things! Can any of you relate?

Really. God is so cool. Just before He decided to start pulling me away from comforts, He first blessed me with my dream home.

Now, granted... my 150 yr. old dream home has had the septic back up into the basement and then fail; it has had water coming out of the light fixtures; we had mice poo-poo in all of the kitchen drawers when we moved in; we came home once to muddy water geyser-ing out of all our steam radiators; once, we even turned on the tap... and... NOTHING.

Even still! I LOVE my home.

There is much to love, and it is filled with love!

Welcome. Kick up your feet, and stay a while....

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Rachel said...

By all the glowing things you said about your home...what's not to love? LOL! (just kidding...it is a beautiful home) I feel the same way about our home...I love being here. Though yours definitely has ours with age...ours is just a baby (5 years) in comparison. Your little boys are so adorable, by the way!