Monday, April 14, 2008


I am obsessed with beauty.

As I grow older, and get to know myself more and more, I have to admit it. I long for it. I seek it. I try to create it. And I feel less without it.

Beauty moves me. It fills me with hope. It reminds me of glory. His Glory.

So, I thought I would start journaling my thoughts on the topic of Beauty. And I am talking about all sorts of beauty. First, the lasting beauty of the Glory of God. Next, the beauty of nature and of the souls of mankind... God's creation!! These are truly magnificent. They speak of the glory that is to come.

I find that I strongly value beauty. Visable, outward beauty. Am I the only one (only Christian) who will admit it?? I love beautiful faces. Beautiful eyes. Beautiful sunsets, beaches, weather, children, flowers. Beautiful architecture. The beauty of a bunch of yellow daffodils on a clean table. The beauty of my family, all laughing together, as we play 'slippery socks' in the livingroom. The beauty of a mature Christian woman... whose wrinkles turn up, instead of down. Yes, the beauty of a nice outfit. The beauty of a great haircut. The beauty of the perfect shadeof lipgloss. The beauty of a freshly cleaned and tidied house.

Now. You would have to be either too young or too ignorant to believe that outer-beauty is all that I am talking about. But let me twist the plot! As long as we don't EXCLUDE the inner-beauty or meaning, what exactly is so wrong with outer-beauty? I am here to argue that outer-beauty is 'of God.' So long as it is not outer-beauty alone. Scripture has much to say to us, warning us to never value outer-beauty alone (stay tuned). So, it is with great balance that we must seek beauty in our lives.

God is Beautiful. He is perfect in all things. He created beauty.

Think on this quote, from the book "Captivating," by John and Stasi Eldredge:

"Surely you would agree that God is nothing if not beautiful.
All around us God's creation shouts of his beauty and his goodness. The silhouette of lace on a barren tree draped with ice, the rays of sun streaming forth from a billowing cloud, the sound of a brook trickling over smooth stones, the form of a woman's body, and the face of a child anticipating the arrival fo the ice cream truck all speak of God's good heart if we will have but the eyes to see. The coming of spring after a hard winter is almost too glorious for a soul to bear. God's beauty is lavished on the world."

And what of God Himself? among others, these verses:

"One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple." - Psalm 27:4

"From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth." - Psalm 50:2

"In that day the Lord Almighty will be a glorious crown, a beautiful wreath for the remnant of his people." - Isaiah 28:5

"In that day the Branch of the Lord will be beautiful and glorious..." - Isaiah 4:2

Let us find ways to rest in the Beauty that God offers.

So, as I have thoughts on resting in beauty in my life and home, I hope to share them with you. And to you, my beautiful sisters in Christ: Share your beauty with me!

2 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Rachel Anne said...

Love this, Darlene. I think a lot about the beauty of the Lord and how to reflect it in my's maybe the thing that got me started on the Small Things journey.

Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing.

Billie said...

I"m so proud to see you embracing blogging!

I dont' have anything to share on beauty right now, but you are definitely are beautiful mature woman of God...beautiful house...beautiful hair...goodness, I'm sinning from jealousy just from my post. I must stop.

You are beautiful my friend!