Friday, April 4, 2008

Goodbye comfort zone? Luke 17:33

Hello Blogger Buddies,
I have been slowly introducing myself to this fascinating world called blogging. It is amazing how many voices are out there! And, it amazes me that we want to read them all. Haha. You know what they say about opinions....! I love the comments and input part. What a fun way to communicate!
I have not blogged much, because as a mommy of 2 small children, I spend most of my waking hours WIPING things (butts, countertops, dishes, stains in clothing, mouths, noses... you name it!!). I have also hesitated to write, because... to be honest... I am somehow only called to write when I feel I have something important to say. (I WISH that was my tactic for 'guarding' my tongue, but alas, I have a very efficient connection between my brain and my mouth when it comes to talking.)

Anyway, what is on my heart tonight is my latest stirring from God:
He has been gently persuading me (persuading for the moment, anyway! I am guessing that the 'pushing' comes soon!) to start saying goodbye to my comfort zone. I am telling you (blog buds) this because: I want you to be there when God does whatever it is I am feeling Him lead up to! He has been nudging me toward opening my eyes beyond my 4 walls. This is quite a task, since I don't leave my 4 walls too often.
I would say the steps in this calling, thus far, have been:
1. God has been making me chillingly aware of how comfortable I currently am.
2. God continually makes me aware of others who are not comfortable, due to circumstances beyond there control.
3. The Holy Spirit is 'pestering' me to quit talking, and start doing.
For today, 4. I have peace from God that he is 'readying' me.... and that I am to be studying His Word, be praying, and be watching.

I saw a quote about a month ago that continues to pulse in my heart; I would love to share it with you. Some of you may be familiar with this one; it always bears repeating:

"There is a rawness and a wonder to life. Pursue it. Hunt for it. Sell out to get it.
Jesus says the options are clear. On one side there is the voice of safety. You can build a fire in the hearth, stay inside, and stay warm and dry and safe.
Or you can hear the voice of adventure—God’s adventure.
Instead of building a fire in your hearth, build a fire in your heart.
Follow God’s impulses. Adopt the child. Move overseas. Teach the class. Change careers. Run for office. Make a difference.
Don’t listen to the whines of those who have settled for a second-rate life and want you to do the same so they won’t feel guilty.
Your goal is not to live long; it’s to live.
Sure it isn’t safe, but what is?"
(Max Lucado)

Goodbye Comfort zone. It is time to lose my life!!!!!! Hold me accountable, God!

Luke 17:33 "Whoever seeks to save his life loses it, but whoever loses his life preserves it."

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ashleykimble said...

I love Max Lucado and love that powerful. It says it all. I think it's so true that people want you to live inside your comfort zone so they don't feel guilty about doing the same. I have struggled a lot with with people pulling me to pursue things like more money, a better job, etc. and sure those things are great but there is so much more, and shouldn't be our ultimate goal. Working in a church in our experiences so far has meant doing without certain things. My husband will pay a lot of money for college but will probably never make a ton of money. My prayer has always been that instead of people making me feel like I am missing out on something by choosing the "lifestyle" that we do...that I can show them what they are missing...a true joy that comes when we give everything we have over to God and let Him take us where He wants us no matter where we live, what we drive, how far we are from loved ones, etc. Anyway, I am encouraged by your post. Keep up the good work!