Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My little guys

Blogger friends, I think it is high time I share a little about my two precious boys, Caleb and Christian.

Caleb is 2.5, and here are the adjectives/words I most often use to describe him:

  • a thinker, silly, bright, different spirit (see Numbers 14:24), giving, a riot!, cute, inquisitive, precocious, great memory, "don't fence me in," cheerful, smart.

  • Caleb loves: Cars, trucks, anything with wheels, his 'silkie', his blue ball, "Jesus loves the little children," the deck, puzzles, baths, being outside, singing and being sung to, the UPS man, visitors, butter, opening presents.

Christian is now 5 months old! My, how fast it flies with baby #2! Here are the adjectives/words I use to describe Christian:

  • sweet, serene, easygoing, calm, big smiler, sleeper (Thank you God!), sensitive to touch, physical, husky, low-key, "chunka-chunka-burnin-love."

  • Christian loves: his scrunchy bear, his pacifier, soft clothing, to be snuggled, to be cheek to cheek with mommy, to smile, for anyone to smile at him, to watch his brother, his daddy, to be sung to.

2 friends had a thing or two to say...:

ashleykimble said...

your boys are precious!

Billie said...

hey! i see my sis in law visited you...cool.

i am so tired as i'm reading this that I thought the part about caleb was about christian. i'm sitting here thinking, "now how in the world does she know all of this stuff about him? there is no way this 5 month old child loves puzzles."

Then I got to the actual part about christian and i'm like, "oh".

That's too funny.