Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Oh, sisters and brothers. I am struggling!!!!!!

Here is the deal, and maybe some of you can relate. Somehow, God has blessed/cursed me with a bold tongue and a passion for speaking truth. Now. This has blessed my life...and it has also cursed my life. And just this past week, it cursed me. As I attempted to "speak the truth in love," which I DID, I think I have lost a friend.

At the same time...
The innocent, insecure little girl inside of me has a desperate desire to be liked. As I have matured, and realized that being 'liked' is a pitiful aim, I have vowed to be kind, and follow in Jesus's footsteps in loving others.
I have to be honest. I thought that there would be a side payoff.
In other words: 'I can be loving like Jesus, kind like Jesus, thoughtful like Jesus... and the bonus? Everyone would like me. Relationships would be smoother.'


The deeper and deeper I walk with our Savior, the further and further the chasms split between myself and others, and family!! It wasn't supposed to be this way Lord!

I can't say he didn't warn me. Still, it hurts.

My wise, wise hubby reminded me:
When Jesus spoke truth, it made people so mad that everyone wanted him dead in only 3 years of ministry.

OK. OK. You are right, honey!

but, seriously. was that supposed to make me feel better??

5 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Caroline said...

Hey Dar,

Here are some verses that will pull you through this!

Acts 2:22-24
Acts 5:21-22!!!
2 Corinthians 12:9-10
John 16:33

Caroline said...

Wait, that second verse is supposed to be Acts 5:41-42!!!

Angel said...

#1 GREAT POST! I feel you girl. Just recently God has started to bring people into my life that are as crazy as I am. It is such a blessing. They don't think I am weird and I don't accidently offend them every day. ;0) Maybe we need to pray for some "seriously disturbed" friends to come into your life.

#2 GREAT COMMENT! Preach it girl. If you have more to say on it just blog it girl. That was awesome. Thanks so much. Angel

Billie said...

Ok. I am one of your seriously disturbed friends! I'm so sorry to hear about your conflict. I'm majorily paranoid in this area. I'm always afraid that I offended someone...I'll lose sleep over it. I too want everyone to like me...even if I don't like them!

I'm so glad you have refound your therapy!

Darlene said...

Billie, You ARE one of my few seriously disturbed friends!