Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reluctantly Resourceful

I cannot believe that I am doing a Frugal post.
I really cannot stand the word Frugal.
It is not something I do well.

recently, I have had to become more Frugal.


Here is my top 10 lists of things we did to instantly wipe hundreds and hundreds of dollars out of our monthly budget. {I am sure everyone else already does these things... but if you are reluctantly resourceful, like moi, try some of this stuff. I'm telling you - it is nice to be a 'waster.'}

Reluctantly Resourceful Top 10 {The Saving Money List}:
1. Talk to your good friend Flamingo Mama. This girl knows all the short cuts. {And aren't you jealous that I can just go have coffee with her? In fact, I got to witness the flamingo stance, yet again. In person.}
2. Meal Planning based on what you actually HAVE in your pantry already. Pick 5 dinners for the week and eat off of the leftovers in between. Make as much as you can from SCRATCH!
3. Grocery basics: Do NOT buy anything unless it is on the list or it is a SUPER ESSENTIAL item you forgot to write down.
4. Food shopping basics: Do your major shopping at a cheapo store {Aldi or Walmart}, get your produce from a farm stand or market, and check your town for FACTORY OUTLETS. Our town has a bread outlet. {thanks for the tip, Flamingo}
5. Don't "stock up." Unless it is a regular ingredient or pantry item {NOT snack items}. It wastes money and you eat more.
6. Call up your cable company. or phone. or service provider. or whoever. find out who is cheapest and call back your current provider and have them match it. Or, sign up for the current promotion.
7. we cut out the TV. I know this is not for everybody. But, we never watch it. except for Chuck, and we can watch that online.
8. Stop buying everything. {this won't last, I know. But can you believe we have bought NOTHING extra for 3 full weeks? NOTHING. It has taught me that I really don't "need" all the stuff I thought I did}
9. call your insurance co. and update your car status. We were paying comprehensive on a car that was no longer worth it. Saved us, like $50/month, Maybe you are too.
10. adjust your thermostat and turn off your lights. More than you already do. You will be surprised at how comfortable you still are.

Reluctantly Resourceful or not.
How cool would it be to have several hundred extra bucks a month?
To give. To save. To finally get that one ____. To bless another.

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