Sunday, July 11, 2010


As a mom, I always feel that there is more to be done.

more I could be doing.
more I should be doing.

My lists need lists.

I try to prioritize... to map out my time so that I do not squander away any of my minutes.
and yet so much is left undone.

and then there is my ministry....
the things that God would have me doing.

and what would that be, pray-tell?

am I the only mom who finds the sheer service to her children to be all-encompassing of every last ounce of energy? Funny how when I look around, people seem to be getting so much more done than I...

serving so many others....

So, I keep taking my inadequacy before our Lord.

and lately, he keeps whispering to me:
just one."

One conversation at a time.
One encouragement at a time.
One hug at a time.
One investment.
One life.

I cannot see the forrest for the trees. There are so many things I should do. So many ways I should serve. So much more I should give. So many lives I could be helping. I could do better. I could be doing more. I could do more..................

and yet,

the word and the voice does not go away:
God whispers, "one."

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Angel said...

I think you're right! It's easy to get overwhelmed but I just remind myself that Jesus came to Earth and didn't heal everyone. He just loved each one that God sent His way. Similar to the parable of The Good Samaritan. We just need to love the people God puts in our pathway! This is something I struggle with too. Balancing is never easy ESPECIALLY when you have tiny children who need lots of attention. ;o) HUGS! Angel