Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My first "Walking the Runway": Copy Couture

I love Beautiful things. It seems to be a part of my soul to seek beauty in my surroundings.

With God's help alone, I don't covet them... I just seek to copy them with the best of my God given abilities.
And when it comes to copying clothing, I try my best: preferably with T.J. Maxx finds, mixed with a very few full price accessories.

All this to say that, in the event that you too love to find the Beauty in all things...
and you like to copy Haute Couture and Haute Design on a shoestring, may I offer up some of the things that inspire me?

I am SO going to copy these:

I love this entire outfit...so easy to emulate. And I am officially on the hunt for high platforms with classic brown leather strappy-ness:
check out the stunning belt with a basic drab cotton jacket. Shorts and heels are for the brave:
wow. not sure I can pull it off, but I LOVE it. Drapey jacket with short clingy dress and belt:
Ralph Lauren:
there are those heels again. I love the ease of this outfit. who knew it was runway??:
so. I would personally go with a bra. but I adore the basic tee with the silk fatigue pants and brown belt. I have a pair from Target that would be perfect (not so flowy); A very do-able look!:
not sure what I will be able to copy from this look, but you had better believe that if T.J.Maxx has orange suede thigh boots, I will seriously consider it:
I love everything about this look, but I especially adore the chain necklace, a gold top (maybe not a bikini, per se), and the orange belt. LOVE IT:
soooo..... are you going to copy any of these?

p.s. this post was inspired by the Cup of Couture posts of this beautiful lady!!

2 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Anonymous said...

I love them all. But I would look like a cow in any of them. :)

Becca said...

I would not look good in any of these haha- but I do like those shoes :-) I'd be 8 feet tall but whatever . . .