Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hi blog friends!
Boy, have I been busy. busy. busy.
Preschool. Bible Study. Giving voice lessons. Taking voice lessons. Co-directing a musical and attending many rehearsals. Doctors appointments. Playdates. Learning way too much music for Easter. Council meetings. Cooking meals.

Now, before you get too worried, I stink at being busy.... and I hate to be busy.... So, I know this season will not last long! Haha. and I am not a good multi-tasker, anyway!

Nevertheless.... I wanted to at least get a quick post up,
and send out a HI to all of my blog buds, as my blogging is happily taking a backseat to all these fun things God has me juggling.

Guilt-free blogging. It is the only way to go, peeps. :)

Here are some cute pics of my busy boys. {It's what you do when you have no time to post anything of deep substance!!!}

Even so. They are SOOOO blogworthy and stinkin' adorable. Yeppers.
Plus. they are really good at multi-tasking.

p.s. I swore I would never put my kids in t-shirts covered with logos. I think Caleb has more tractor shirts than I have bras. yep.

5 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Kristen said...

I don't care for the logo shirts either. I only buy the kids cartoon jammies. I've even convinced my kids that Sponge Bob is bad and we should not watch him! MEAN MOM! Other than that - they have ONE (1!!!) Disneyland shirt I let them wear. I'm so mean. Imagine my horror when Greg was given a pair of Spiderman light up shoes for his birthday! I had to let it go, his delight was so fun to watch. They are only little once!

He And Me + 3 said...

Yep, they are so stinkin cute! I love to be busy busy busy...but only for short periods of time. Last week was busy for us too. Get some rest.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Your boys are so stinkin' adorable!!! Seriously..I love their sweet...sweet..little faces.

Know that I'm thinkin' about ya.

Paula said...

I'm with you on the logo shirts. I try and steer clear of them for Jasmine, but she does have a few, namely her "Little Miss Chatterbox" t-shirt, which suits her to a T, pardon the pun! You sure do have a lot on your plate at present, but keep up the good work with your multi-tasking. It is only for a season, and what a precious season this is! xo

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

They are absolutely precious!!!!!

Love the photos!!!

Hugs and blessings,