Friday, February 6, 2009

Pray for Abby and Flashback Friday

Oh, friends, please stop what you are doing right now, and pray for Abby! Please click here for an update on her fragile condition.... and PRAY!!!!!!!!!

Oh my. Life is fragile, and a blessing. We are just a blip on the radar. We do have a purpose, no matter how short our stay....May we bring glory to the Lord with each day, doing His will.

I wanted to participate in a Flashback Friday post, hosted over at Storing up Treasures in Heaven. Here is a pic from about a year ago, on Ash Wednesday. For those who might not know, the ash is placed on the forehead, in the sign of the cross, as a reminder that "we are dust, and to dust we shall return." Yes, life is fragile......

P.S. Caleb is doing sooooo well! He is now scheduled for a laproscopic appendectomy on March 20th. Please pray that he will make it that far without a recurrance of an infection or without needing emergency surgery. And if you missed them, click here for pics of his emergency hospital stay.

Thank you so much, dear friends! Your prayers are precious treasures to us.

3 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flashback. I had no idea what has been going on with your son. I need to catch up!

Becky said...

I guess I wasn't aware either that the problems Caleb had were with hid appendix. I just went through a laproscopic appendectomy so I can empathize with your boy.

I will be lifting him in prayer and littl Abby too.

God Bless.

Laura said...

I'm so glad to hear that Caleb is doing well, Darlene. Bless his heart, and Abby's too. Life is very fragile. I want to make mine count!