Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It is better to have Love in loss, than never to have Love at all

God showed off for me today.

In one day, he wiped away four concerns that had been hovering over our family. Two of these concerns were life altering, and the other two were teeny-tiny only-important-to-me kinda things.

So, in one day, God reminded me that He is big, and he cares about all of my stuff.

All in one day:
God chose to give me a good report from the Doctor,
let us know that my husband will not lose his job (this has been frightening, friends),
sent a call to us that a proposed car garage -operated by a man who had already mislead our township, and located next door to us - had fallen through and will not be happening,
and answer a teeny-tiny-but-important-to-me prayer about a light that had been shining in our bedroom windows.

Today, on my way home from the Doctor, I was thanking God for the relief He had given me and my precious, hardworking, wonderful husband.

Then, I passed the proposed car garage, and remembered my anger, my doubt, and mostly my frustration about it... and then, how I finally surrendered and said to God (as if He were just my back-up plan), "Well, it is up to You now. I ask that You just somehow stop this from happening. I have sent the letters. I have been to the township. Now, I cannot do another thing. Please stop this."
..... and He did.

So. My mind went to this pesky light that had been shining in our windows at night. I passed by it, slowing toward our driveway, and it was glowing brightly like a beacon. It was as if God was whispering, "Go ahead. Ask me."

To be honest, the thought had not occurred to me. Ask God to turn that light off?

So I did.

Friends, you can imagine my surprise tonight, as our family went upstairs to put the kids to bed. The light was out. For the first time in 5 weeks.

Just like that.

Maybe it is because I was born and raised an athiest, but I tend to make the mistake of always trying to prove God. It is not a conscious thing that I do, it is more like a hangup I have.

So, does all of this goodness prove that He loves me? That He is really listening? That prayer gives results?

God continues to remind me that He cannot be "proven."

So I asked myself, what was so special about these answered prayers? Good things and bad things happen to Christians and non-believers alike.

And then He told me:

"It is better to have Love in loss, than no Love at all. And,
It is better to have Love in gain, than no Love at all."

It is better to have Me, dear child;
It is better to know Me.
It is better to get to know Me more, through all of these things.

It is the knowing of Him, and His love, that makes each and every prayer lifted toward Him a blessing.
No matter the answer.

8 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Laura said...

And what an awesome show-off He is! I'm so glad that He took care of the Biggies and the Smalls for you. He cares about it all! He just waits for us to hand it over sometimes.

I'm handing it over...

Tammy said...

Our God is sooo good!!!

I love those God winks,whether they are BIG or small.

I love your office!

Becky said...

What an awesome testimonial of God's faithfulness even in the tiniest things. Some times in the small things is where Gods grace shines the brightest.

Meme said...

He is faithful. We are also praying for a miracle where my hubby's job is concerned. But no matter what, God is good. So glad you received a good health report!!! And no more light - how amazing! Glad to hear the garage won't be going anywhere near your home as well!!

Christine said...

Amen, Amen,and again I say Amen! So good to see you back and thank you for this...God is so good! He is always there just waiting for us to hand it over to Him to take care of his children...yet He never steps in and takes it from us, ever so lovingly waiting there for us to give it all to Him. We really do serve an amazing God!

Flamingo Mama said...

what an awesome story. i do not believe is your former's your current humanism. i struggle with the same thing right now my friend.

Tessa said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I got goose bumps reading through the progression of your day, and how He continued to take each one of your concerns away .. little by little. Truly amazing! God is so good!

Room to Think said...

Thanks for sharing that. I struggle alot to let certain things go to God. It's weird. A bit like being a control freak. Learning to trust and obey...I can't recall how I found your site...most of the ones I've come to place links for on my blog were discovered through random clicking and reading. Hope you don't mind. This one was a real encouragement to me. Your boys are so adorable. Caleb looks heaps like your husband!