Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Must Haves: The Best Baby Bibs

These are the best baby bibs ever. I should know. I have 2 boys. They are messy. Plus, they were both intense baby-pukers until they were 8 months old +. Sooooo, I know a thing or two about protecting my little guys' adorable outfits, while keeping them oh-so-cute.

Vintage Lily Bibs
You can find these adorable bibs at VintageLily.com. They use vintage fabrics to make precious bibs that could go with any and every baby outfit. The bib you see above is actually one that I helped design!! Caleb had so many cute brown outfits, and I could never find a classy brown bib that would enhance, as opposed to clash, with his clothing. So, I contacted the company, and the Caleb Bib was born. I also think these bibs make great gifts - because they are so practical, but also are a bit of a splurge.

Baby Bjorn Bibs
At our house we call these bibs: The Trough. Once our boys started feeding themselves, these bibs became a MAJOR MUST HAVE. Why? Well, isn't it obvious? You can find "the trough" very easily online; just google 'baby bjorn bibs'.

Happy eating, cute ones.

2 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Christy said...


First of all... where were these bibs 10 years ago when my boys were little? My youngest son was a huge spitter-upper! I was constantly changing his clothes and mine. I think there are still days when they would both benefit from the trough.

I'm glad you visited my blog today and found encouragement. Keep me posted on your reading!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I have a puker... this is great to know!