Friday, September 12, 2008

help? Changing precious negatives to digital??

I need help from any photograpy gurus out there! Does anyone know anything about converting negatives into digital images? I now have my wedding negatives and the rights to the pictures, and I want to have copies of them made into digital. Anyone have any advice? I don't even know where to start. Thank you bloggy friends!!!!

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Christine said...

I would love to know too!

lifelaughterchaos said...

well, i'm thinking that you are not going to want to send them through the mail, but i know that when i still had a film camera i would have the roll developed through york photos (via mail) and they would print the photos, plus i paid a $1 to put them online...almost anywhere you can have your photos put onto cd even when it is roll film...i'm thinking negatives would be the same.

i would just call your favorite photo, walgreens and ask. maybe i'm WAY wrong, but i'm thinking it should be easy to do.

I think