Friday, June 13, 2008

Schooling Decisions, part 2

Ok folks. Matt and I have prayed and talked and prayed. We have decided to send Caleb to a local Christian School for his Pre3 year. We will be paying for 3 days, but sending him only 2 days, as I would like to keep our home environment from being too "rush, rush, get out the door, rush, rush." I am also sending him for only 2 days as a "value" decision, as I feel VERY passionately about the role of stay-at-home mommy, and the impact it has on my children's lives. Caleb is soooooo ready for school! Crazy, right? I think it is!!!!! He is my BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The school has been accomodating (although they did not offer a lower tuition! oh well, it is a ministry in my eyes! Thank you, Jesus, for the stimulus check!), and they are thrilled to welcome Caleb to their classroom. I have so much peace about this decision... and if you saw my earlier post (click here)... you would know that I was struggling to find this peace!

Anyway, I just HAD to share this. There is an extensive application process for the school, including big essay-type questions, and I have been PROCRASTINATING, to say the least! This thing is like a college application essay! No Joke!! Since they really don't want an essay (I don't think!!!), I decided to answer with my most important answers, and to keep it simple. YOU WILL NOT EVEN BELIEVE THE FIRST QUESTION!!! No wonder it took me DAYS to even start. I just stared at it!!

Anyway, here are two of the questions: And my (okay) answers!!!

1. Please describe your faith in detail.

While it would probably be necessary for me to write a book to fully answer this question, I will do my best to highlight a few truths regarding my faith. First, any faith that I am able to have is, in itself, a gift from God. Secondly, when I think of living with faith, I know that it is not enough to just believe in God, but I must actually believe God in order to bear much fruit and walk in His will. Next, my faith rests in concrete, unchanging truths: all of which are based in the one source of truth: God’s word, the Holy Bible. Lastly, and most importantly, I have a relationship with Jesus Christ that leads me to try daily to trust Him, to walk in His ways, obey His commandments, and love Him with my whole heart, soul, mind and strength.

2. Why do you want your children to have a Christian education?

I believe God is leading us to Christian education as the best choice for our family. There are many, many reasons why we believe Christian education is best, but the most important reason is this: Christian education offers The Truth to our children. Simply put, it offers (as opposed to “ignores”) Jesus Christ.

In looking into Christian education, God really used the reality of this quote to speak to my heart: “The school system that ignores God teaches its pupils to ignore God,” writes Gordon Clark. “This is not neutrality. It is the worst form of antagonism, for it judges God to be unimportant and irrelevant in human affairs. This is atheism.”

I want more than that for my children! I hear God telling us that He has so much more for them too! And we are willing to make sacrifices to answer God’s calling.

SOOOOOOOOOOO. What do you think?????????
I feel like I left so much out! But, honestly, I could have spent weeks answering these questions. And YEARS on question #1!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH to those of you who leave comments on my posts. I treasure your thoughts, and LOVE making connections with other Christian women!!

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Billie said...

i"m so glad that you made a decision and that you are at peace. you are way ahead of me...dak didn't go to school until he was 5! however, i knew HE was NOT ready for it before then.

reading your responses always brings me round again if we are making the right education decision for our kids. however, there is now way we could do private right now. and homeschool? i won't even answer that .

i'm so glad you are getting your hand at paperwork. it's great adoption practice!