Monday, June 23, 2008


I continue to hear God calling me to use this blog, as with all gifts that he has given to me, to His glory.

I know that God wastes nothing, and that all of our lives' experiences, good and bad, can be brought in submission before His throne of grace. He will use it all, if we are but willing. This is such a beautiful thing about our God... how He wastes nothing!

I am thrilled to be blogging. I have to tell you that I continue to ask God why I should blog at all. Let's be real. It takes a lot of time! It can be addicting (in that fun way!). It can become a self-challenge, or even a competition - (trying to get numbers up, or trying to get more dots on your map). And it can even serve as an unhealthy distraction (I am speaking firsthand here...avoid dishes, avoid workouts, avoid life and 'living the thing'). Soooo.... I am trying to keep this blog-stuff healthy. And, I am trying to serve God.

O.K. so, all this to say: I feel God telling me to continue with sharing True Confessions, as we can all help one another by keeping things real around here! But I also feel the prompting to share some info about my own faith. I do this only so that others can be pointed to God and His grace.

So, about my faith....It is kind of an interesting fact about me, and that is: I was "born and raised" an atheist.

With upmost respect for my wonderful family, I first want to dive in and say that as I share this information, I will not be sharing specific details about my family. I will say this: I was raised in a loving home that had values, and I knew that I was loved. We were not perfect, and we had bumps in our road. But there was love and sacrifice and togetherness - all that stuff that makes a family, well, family.

I will share facts about me. And I will share about my own salvation story, or testimony, or whatever you want to call the point of Grace. I will be writing future posts about this, based especially on questions I receive.

So........ there it is: I was "born and raised" an atheist. And now I am a Christian.
Any questions?

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Faithful Froggers said...


Okay, you have me hooked and I can't wait till the next part of your story! What a testimony you must have!

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of Christian in the post below! He is such a handsome little man. BOYS are so fun - you are truly blessed.

Have a great week!