Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why I {still} homeschool

My dear friend Edie has written THE. MOST. BEAUTIFUL. post about why she still home-schools.

after reading her words, I shared this story with her, and wanted to share it here as well.

All of us who scoop up our children in this way are home-schooling!

oh, love! I am bawling. Just last night at VBS, I scooped up some kids who were in their pj's at church, and I told their mom, half-jokingly, "THIS is why I homeschool. It is all about PJ's and Snuggling!!"... then a moment after I said it, I realized, it was not a joke at all. It is in the PJ's and in the snuggling that we share our love and pass on our heritage from the Lord. The truest learning. The only kind that matters...How I loved this post, my sweet friend.

How blessed and privileged I am to get to do it every day!

I hope that you will read Edie's post. Not only will you love her words, you will love her heart.

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