Monday, February 7, 2011

The Happiness of Today

Somehow, if I forget to be grateful, I find a friend in Ann, who spurs me on to remember that which I am deeply grateful. To remember that I am, indeed, Happy.

Believe, then you will see.
That is how it was for me. So, why wouldn't the same hold true in my wrestling for happiness?

Smile first, then you will be happy.
It reminds me of that little ol' wive's tale that goes: "if you smile, the muscles will release happy hormones to your brain, and you will actually feel happy!" I don't know if the science pans out; but it feels true to me when I try.

If you have not done so, I truly encourage you to read this beautiful post about smiling first, happiness second. or something like that.

Smiles. #22-30.

{#22} I am thankful for my sister, Tammy, who celebrated a birthday yesterday. She is beautiful inside and out.

{#23} for skype. I got to talk to my precious Agniya, in Russia, for free, for nearly one hour today. While I cooked dinner. I miss you like crazy, honey!

{#24} for Amtrak. It is bringing my Caroline to me for a much needed visit this weekend.

{#25} for my Classical Conversations community. Seeing all of you tomorrow. I have missed you!

{#26} for hot dinners, clean faces, and running baths. Not everyone has these.....

{#27} for making it through a trying day without yelling. Praise be to God.

{#28} for sleeping children. even if they were rascals today, they always look like pure precious love when they succumb, finally, to sweet still sleep.

{#29} for a date with my honey, the couch, and a new episode of Chuck tonight. The only t.v. we watch. strange, but us.

{#30} for the health of my loved ones. {I am praying for you Kathie.....}

2 friends had a thing or two to say...:

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

It is always good to be thankful for what we have. God is good to us! And we are surely blessed.

Thanks for sharing, Darlene.

BARBIE said...

I want to learn to be thankful in the moment. I just started reading Ann's book today. I am in love! I wonder if it's too late for me to link up and begin my own 1000 gifts post?