Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chasing a dream

...............In the rare event {wink. wink} that any of you have been wondering "where has Darlene gone from blogland??", I have been meaning and meaning to write this post.

The short answer: nowhere!
The long answer: I am chasing a dream.

For a while now, I have been blogging every day, Monday through Friday at my new interiors site, Fieldstone Hill Design. I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity and dream, and I am enjoying it so so much. It is a wonderful way for me to contribute financially to our family, and it has been fostering the creative side of my spirit in a way that has not been fostered in a very long time... since I lost my voice in 2003 and had to walk away from a singing career. Fieldstone Hill is actually an answer to prayer for me, and I feel like I am spreading the creative wings that God gave me so long ago.

But, it makes me sad that I am no longer posting as much at this site. Why? Because I have grown to love so many of you guys! It makes me sad that I am not connecting with all of you as often. This site is really more about who I am as a child of God; who 'Darlene, the soul and spirit' is. So, therefore, I feel like all of you know the true Dar. And it makes me sad that I am not "hanging out with you", my friends, as often.

Nevertheless, God is calling my devotions elsewhere for this season. And since my first three 'jobs' are mommy, wife, and homeschool teacher, now followed by voice teacher and interior designer... I am not making the time to post here quite as often. But........

Even so: I am not going anywhere. I love y'all too much! I will just be posting more sporadically.

Love you guys! And I hope you will hang out with me at Fieldstone Hill Design as well. And if design is not your thing... I will see you here too!

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