Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Looks can be deceiving

Don't things look like they are just going swimmingly at The OWL Academy today??
Such attentive and diligent little ones?

Looks can be deceiving.

What we actually had was A LOT of this:
And we sure did talk about THIS a lot:
Mommy even had a time out today.
I slammed the door to the school room and sat in the bathroom and counted to 30.

I thanked the Lord.
It went kinda like this:

"Lord, please help me to not scream at my kids.
They are driving me CRAZY. Give me patience.
{insert very deep sigh}
And thank you, Lord, that I can teach my kids.
That it is their Mommy, who loves them SO Much, who is frustrated with them. Instead of someone, who does not love them, who is frustrated.
Thank you. That I can pull up my boot-straps, take a deep breath, and continue to teach them with the highest expectations. That I care SO MUCH, and that I know what their best work can be.  That I will continue to expect their best and wait patiently for it.
May I accept that frustration is a part of learning, and NEVER say, "Oh, well." May I never say, "They probably just can't do it. Let's just move on and hope it comes later."
Thank you, Lord, that I am their teacher and their mother. I love them more than words can express.
Give me Your patience."

While it was certainly not our best homeschool day,
it was still a good day.
A day with my precious kids.

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Kimarie said...

Oh, I can relate! It was like that for me yesterday - sometimes it seems like it's always that way! But God is faithful and truly never gives us more than we can bear, AND gives us a way out of temptation. :-)

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