Thursday, June 3, 2010

Repost: A Small Big Thing

ONLY A FEW MORE DONATIONS NEEDED! Your small gift can Help in a big way! A BIG WAY!

(um. no. this little guy is not actually up for adoption, but I thought his cute mug might inspire you and remind you of the very cute innocence of children...):
So, my cool bloggy friend Courtney is not one to think small.
and that is VERY cool.

And she has set a big goal... that YOU can help make smaller.
You can make A BIG difference.
With a small step.
And an even smaller amount of George Washingtons.

or $5 is NOTHING, people.
It is small.

But not for the little lives that will be changed FOREVER.
That, my friends,
is BIG.

Now stop finding something else to do, and
Click here:

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