Friday, January 16, 2009

Must Haves: Workout Videos

O.K. So, I know that not everyone agrees... but for me, Workout Videos are a definite Must Have!

And I have lots of reasons. Really I do:

1. In case you have not noticed already, I am one of THOSE people who hate to leave the house without makeup. Never an issue with workout videos.

2. I buy the 10 minute segmented ones (try '10 minute solution'). I almost always get motivated, once I start, to keep on going. And I can usually make it through at least one 10-minute segment by telling my kids I am having "mommy time." I can always pick up more 10 minute segments later in the day.

3. It is REALLY hard to get 3 people out of the door in the dead of winter. Just one more excuse not to make it to that overpriced gym.

4. Variety. Variety. Variety.

5. I can alter my workouts based on my daily mood. For example, after eating a cup of chocolate chips last night, I decided that I needed punishment and proceeded to use my caffeine high to do a Boot Camp video. Whenever I am feeling menstrual, I do yoga relaxation... you know, the ones where you just squeeze your butt muscles, but never actually have to stand up once.

6. CHEAP!!! I buy new ones every once in a while off of Amazon whenever I am losing my motivation. I have a yoga mat and yoga strap and sneakers, and that covers every DVD I own.

7. If I get sick of one, or stop working out for a while, I don't have the added guilt that comes with, say, a $500 treadmill, or monthly membership plan.

8. I can explore different workout styles without feeling like an idiot when I mess up the routine (at least, I think my kids don't notice). I have bellydancing, ballet, yoga, pilates, latin dance, etc.

9.Here is where I worked out today. I just did 30 minutes, and had interruptions between my 10 minute segments. I have to move a coffee table each time, but that counts as calorie burning, right?:
Of course, I have learned: I still have to actually DO IT to get results. Imagine that!

11 friends had a thing or two to say...:

Jennifer said...

I need to just get on the ball and realize that any exercising -- even in 10-minute spurts in the living room -- is better than my current plan. :-)

Also, I LOVE the look of your blog. When did you do this? Lovely. ...

Cindy said...

Love it - Love it - Love it Darlene.

I sure need to buy a few of those videos.
My hubby lost his job so I need to find the CHEAP ones -

Hopefully I'll find some - yoga and pilates especially!


Becky said...

Looks like fun! I have one work out video from the 80s. It may be time to update.

Jenny said...

Cute post! I have a few workout videos that are collecting dust on the shelf! Maybe I'll have to pull one of those babies out!

Anyway... Love your new blog look too! Very lovely!!!!

Flamingo Mama said...

i won't comment about workout videos being a must have :) lol

but i love the new look!! did you do this yourself? wow! my inspired blogging friends have now surpassed me...greatly!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Ok...I must admit I so LOVE stopping my your blog...sitting a spell and taking it all in.

AND, I just love the name....

I'm getting my "rear in gear" the workout area....:-)

Room to Think said...

i bought a whole set once...came with the inflatable ball...didn't get anywhere with it because i pulled my neck. the husband uses them though. i've joined him on two occasions. sigh...must exercise...i like your new site design. the previous one was already beautiful...

Darlene said...

"Room to Think,"
Thanks for your comments! I would love to stop by your blog, but when I click on your link there is no profile info, so I cannot find your blog address! Just so you know!
Thanks again!

Room to Think said...

Hmm, how bizarre...also, I'm not sure what even compelled me to come read the comments section. It's be fine cos that's how my friends access it. let me know though if it goes pear again and i'll try to fix it. thanks Darlene!

Jill - Blessed Mom of 8 said...



Ha about the exercise! Too funny!


Christine said...

I have been doing the wii fit work out and thus far I have been doing it daily...thus