Monday, October 13, 2008

Our anniversary tradition: Honeymoons

Where my hubby and I were sitting this weekend:

Matt and I do not exchange gifts for our anniversary. Instead, we make memories and make an effort to build on our love. We set aside time and money each year so that we can go away for our anniversary. These are our "Honeymoons." And we have done this successfully, 8 out of 9 years (In 2007, I was soooo pregnant, and our house was under full-blown construction, so we postponed our trip until Feb of '08).

We usually pick a wonderful inn, plan ahead (as they get booked quickly), make reservations, and pick long-weekend dates as close to our anniversary as we are able. A few times, we have done bigger trips, and sometimes we have gone with friends or even family (we always get at least some time where it is just the two of us). But, most of the time, we do the short, just-us, inn-trips . We pick from Karen Brown guidebooks, or The Select Registry (we almost always book the cheapest room at these inns, and they are still amazing!!!! and for not much more than a boring old hotel)... and we have never been let down! We always have a romantic experience. Matt and I do love to try out new places, restaurants, and inns, together.
This year, we went to Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania. Everything was beautiful! Including the blessed time we spent working on our precious marriage.

Is it almost next year, yet????

The Fairville Inn, where we stayed this year:
Our room (peeps, this only cost about 60 bucks more than a Holiday Inn, and had a full gourmet breakfast included):

Every year since our honeymoon #1, Matt and I have taken a pic. like this in our room's mirror. Here is the one from this year:

Off to dinner on Saturday night:
Relaxing at the inn:
We spent Saturday at Longwood Gardens. It was so beautiful! I got a ton of ideas for our own landscaping. It was a perfect Fall day, and we just soaked in the majesty of God's diverse creation:
Okay, so here is one of the cool ideas that I got at the garden. Below are (seemingly) examples of hedges. But they are made out of fast growing trees, not bushes! So they are more compact, easier to trim, but grow quickly. The one just below is Leland Cypress, and under it, Arborvitae. I am soooo going to plant these along our road, and cut them like hedges:

The honeymooners, taking silly pictures:

The honeymooners, in front of a wall of mums:

Happy Anniversary, honey!!! Thanks for another great Honeymoon.

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Tessa said...

What a wonderful tradition! I love it! I am all about quality time and it is wonderful that you make a commitment for your "honeymoon" each year ... what an amazing place!

Van said...

God bless you for inspiring all those couples out in the land of marriage. Our tradition is to see a musical on our anniversary. It was great fun to begin to include our two boys once they grew. Now they know the importance of celebrating marriage! Yours are precious by the way.

Christine Lynn said...

I love, love, love this tradition! This was so sweet and so fun to read. I can't get over how beautiful everything is there...and you two are adorable! Happy Anniversary you two!

Flamingo Mama said...

how awesome!

i will say that it's more romantic than us walking with the whore card flickers on street! lol

Laura said...

What a wonderful idea! It's so important to set aside that time to be together, don't you think? You guys look beautiful...just like newlyweds!

Becoming Me said...

Beautiful post. My husband and I have the same tradition, although the past few years have been too tight financially for us to continue with it. I love you blog and you and your family are just gorgeous.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a great tradition you fact, it's the same tradition my hubby and I do each year...and this was 21 years.

There is something so special about setting aside time to get away..and connect. My hubby and I use the time away to do extra prayer time together...seeking the Lord for direction in our marriage and family for the coming year.

I tell you...each year after our get-a-way...we come home so refreshed...and each other...and to our Heavenly Father.

Holly said...

It looks beautiful!! I am so glad you guys make it a priority to get a way each year and have time with just eachother. Every marriage NEEDS that!

Happy Mama said...

Much better than giving gift certificates to each other :-)
and I agree with everyone else- you are such a beautiful family!

PS. Thank you for stopping by at my blog.