Friday, July 25, 2008

Christian's Update

It has been a while since I posted on my sweet Christian! As I was pondering his royal cuteness, I thought it was high time to share some recent pictures:

All about Christian:
Christian LOVES to be outside, like most kids. He also loves to eat grass.
An adorable little guy! Yes, he will actually wear a hat, if he is not too hot. He is usually too hot!

Here is Christian doing one of his favorite things: teething on wooden man-people.

Well, he LOVES to stick his tongue out and huff and puff excitedly. I don't know.

He pulled up for the first time last week!! Big boy. So proud!

Christian is VERY sensitive. One never knows what will turn his almost-constant smile into an instant pout! He tucks that lower lip under, and the silent cry starts you off, then... game over!

Classic pre-nap look. How cute is that? It wears a boy out to be so cute.
Carousel ride at the Indianapolis Children's Museum
Chillin' with my brother. My best bud. You can tell he feels the same way.
So there is a snippet of what Christian has been doing lately. He is such a happy baby. He is a big boy! He is sooo sensitive. He is a sweet guy, who adores his big brother, and watches his every move. He smiles these heart-melting, super-big smiles. Mommy's favorite thing is to "eat him up!" We love him SO!!!!

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Tessa said...

Such a cutie! He is going to be heart breaker! That dark hair and big beautiful eyes ... gorgeous little guy!